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San Diego County's Best Stamp Collecting Club

San Diego County's Best Stamp Collecting Club

San Diego County's Best Stamp Collecting ClubSan Diego County's Best Stamp Collecting Club

So you're Locked down or quarantined by the CoronaVirus?

So does the Virus have you Stuck in Isolation?

Why Not Try Stamp Collecting.

What better hobby is there to engage in if you are attempting to self Isolate or you are avoiding crowds and/or exposure to  large groups of people?  

Typically, stamp collecting is not so much about money but is very often driven by an interest in  history, geography, art, and a need by many to "complete" a collection, very similar to owning a complete set of football/baseball cards for one team or  season.  Maybe you could take up philately as a new hobby or re-engage in one of the hobbies of your childhood.  

Here are some of the things you could do to your collection while you are home or quarantined by the Flu or Covid-19 /Coronavirus.


  • Learn  How to Soak, Sort, and Store Stamps? (See Below)
  • Re-organize your Album
  • Search for Errors and/or Variations
  • Build a Topical collection (cats, animals, planes etc.)
  • List some duplicate stamps on EBay
  • Buy some stamps online
  • Create a "Want" List
  • Create a "Duplicates" list for trading
  • Prepare some stamps for a Club Auction.

Take some classes in Philately and learn more about Stamp Collecting by going to the American Philatelic Society(APS)  and  take a C3a course at https://stamps.org/learn/c3a-online-learning

If your stuck at home in isolation from the Coronavirus or Covid-19, take up Stamp Collecting

Cats don't transmit Covid-19, So perhaps you could teach your Cat how to collect Stamps like I did ;

How to Collect Stamps


Stamp Collecting is a Hobby for Everyone

The American Philatelic Society teaches us that few hobbies match the flexibility of stamp collecting. It is suitable  for nearly all ages. You can collect stamps all 12 months of the year  regardless of the climate where you are located. It does not require any  special skills or great wealth. Some individuals begin as young as age 4  and many collect until the day they die. Many people start collecting  stamps that represent a topic they enjoy

Learn how to collect stamps during the Coronavirus outbreak. Things to do in isolation or Quarantine

  What Is Stamp Collecting 

According to the American Philatelic Society,  "Stamp collecting" is the accumulation of material related to the  payment of postage and the carriage of the mails. In addition to  traditional postage stamps, many philatelists -- the fancy word for  stamp collectors -- also collect covers, envelopes that carried mail.  Some individuals also collect markings or labels applied to mail  including postage meters. Others will even collect Christmas Seals,  revenue stamps and other ephemera. 


 How to Identify Stamps

 The APS provides information for those who cannot recognize the name of a country on a stamp, you may need a Stamp Identifier