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San Diego County's Best Stamp Collecting Club

San Diego County's Best Stamp Collecting Club

San Diego County's Best Stamp Collecting ClubSan Diego County's Best Stamp Collecting Club

So you inherited a Stamp Collection Now What?

Be Sure to Keep the Collection Safe Until You Decide What To Do.

Protect the Collection - The American Philatelic Society (APS) recommends  that  storing the  stamps in your attic or basement is never a good idea.  Make sure that you  keep the collection in a cool, dry place. Humidity or moisture can  destroy the value of a collection. Albums should be stored upright,  rather than standing on their side (pressure on an album will sometimes  cause the stamps to stick to the page).


Get Some Help - Consider contacting a Local Club,  or if you are in Southern California you can contact the Poway Stamp Club or attend one of our meetings.  The plain truth is that your collection needs to be viewed  in-person and descriptions on the phone or in emails are  typically not  worth while. 

Local Stamp Clubs  are a Great Resource - A  local  stamp club is one of the best first steps you can take to help resolve your issue. They can help you to determine if the  collection has enough value to warrant further steps or the cost of an appraisal.  If you  take the collection to a dealer, be sure to clarify to the dealer that  you are not requesting an official appraisal unless you are prepared to  pay a fee.   


Suggestions and  Collection Advice - Once you have determined an idea of the value, there are many options.

Keep It

First, you could keep the collection for yourself.

Pass it on to a Family Member

If you have determined the collection has relatively little value,  you may wish to consider giving it to a child, grandchild, or other  relative. While the monetary value may be small, the educational value  and fun that may be derived may be large.

Donate It

Many clubs and organizations gladly accept donations. It is advisable to check with the organization for their needs.

Sell It

Many people will ask what is the best way to sell their collection. Unfortunately,  there is no super-simple, single best way for every collection. Key factors include:

  •   The relative value of the items to be sold,
  •  The amount of time you wish  to invest in selling the material, 
  • How quickly payment is required.

So, you want to dispose of your stamp collection

Do you need Suggestions and/or Advice?

So you have decided to sell or dispose of  your stamp collection. Let the Poway Stamp Club help you

If you live in Southern California, and have decided to sell/donate or otherwise dispose of a  stamp collection, let the Poway Stamp Club help you to better understand what your options are.